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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Views From Willibrordi Cathedral

Have you climbed a cathedral and saw the beauty of the surroundings?

Willibrordi Cathedral view from the Great Market place

Last August 6, I climbed the Willibrordi Cathedral in Wesel, North Rhine Westphalia here in my adopted country, Germany. The Gothic Basilica is I think one of the oldest cathedrals in NRW (North Rhine Westphalia). It has 5 naves which were built between 1501 to 1540 and a tower which was built between 1477 to 1478 (Source Wikipedia). It has 50 tombstones which were fixed to the walls.

Willibrordi Cathedral Organ

The day I climbed the Willibrordi Cathedral was a PPP (Pauken Plunder and Promenade)  Townfest weekend in Wesel. The cathedral was opened to the public for climbing up to the viewing top of it. There were  Tombola tickets sold if anyone wanted to win a lottery. I bought 2 before I climbed the stairs but didn´t win. There was a paper pinned on the door stated that there were 216 steps in going to the viewing platform. (It was corrected by a friend later that there were actually 217 steps.) 

Inside Wilibrordi Cathedral

There were not many people climbing the stairs at that time and I was glad because the stairs were so steep, narrow and curvy. Often times though, I had to stop to let people who came from the viewing platform passed by so they were able to go down the stairs. I also stopped to take photos of the church bell below me. I was surprised at myself as I was not losing my breath when climbing. I was fitter this time than the first time I have climbed the viewing platform 10 years ago.

The steep, narrow and curvy stairs of  Willibrordi Cathedral.

Willibrordi Cathedral Bells

Arriving at the hall of the viewing platform, I rested on a bank and prepared my video camera and smartphone for my task. I didn´t know how high the cathedral was but it was a stunning view of the Rhine river that caught my eyes. There was a Fleamarket at that time and I saw thousands of people strolling like ants, parading before my eyes while I pinned my eyes on the lens of the camera I was holding.

View from the Willibrordi Cathedral viewing platform. The Rhine River and Rhein Promenade.

View from the Willibrordi Cathedral viewing platform.

Views From Viewing Platform of Wilibrordi Cathedral

  1. The Rhine River
  2. The Rhine Bridge (Rheinbrücke)
  3. Großermarkt / Great Market at the cathedral
  4. "Langer Heinrich", the TV Tower in Wesel
  5.  Old Waterworks 
  6. Wesel City
  7. Buildings, houses and apartments

The Rheinbrücke / Rhine Bridge view from Willibrordi Cathedral viewing platform.

My visit to the Willibrordi Cathedral was a memorable one.I didn´t have to travel far to see those amazing views. Thanks for reading my travel blog. I hope you enjoy looking at the photos. Maybe you can visit this place one day. God bless!

The small park at the Willibrordi Cathedral.

BTW, the famous resident of Wesel was Peter Minuit, who bought Manhattan from the native Indian American.

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View of the Rhine River from Willibrordi Cathedral viewing platform.

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Thursday, 3 August 2017

August, A Beautiful Month

Hello Guys! It is August again. A birth month of  4 of us in the family. Two of my nieces are having their birthdays this month. Happy birthday Red and Ethel. Happy birthday in advance to my brother-in-law as well. He is the author of the fantasy and adventurous book Claws of the Earth. A very interesting book to read.

August is a lovely month to all who are celebrating their birthdays. I wish all of you out there who are celebrating your birthdays this month, good health, peace and success in life. May your wishes and dreams in life come true. I wish that for myself, too.

The video above was taken in 2015 PPP in Wesel, Germany when I took a rest from strolling at the flea market and kirmes at the Rhine. Just a lovely day watching the people enjoyed boating.

The view of the Langer Heinrich tower in Wesel from the train station.

So what event is happening this month in my neck of the woods? Well, same as usual every year. This will be the 40th PPP (Pauken, Plunder and Promenade) in Wesel. This is a great event in NRW (North Rhine Westfalia). It will start this coming Friday, the 4th of August and will end on the 6th Sunday evening. There will be a balloon flying event on Friday at the Römerwardt Flugplatz (flying place). On Saturday evening, there will be fireworks at the Rhine with lots of live music. Besides that, there is a Kirmes at the Rhine. The biggest Fleamarket in NRW will be on Sunday. I hope the weather will be good

Peter Minuit monument in Wesel city.

Here is a link for this PPP event which took place a few years ago:

This was the photo of the fireworks at the Rhine taken a few years ago.

Thank you very much for dropping by. Feel free to comment and share this blog on your social media site. Have a great month August!

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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Fragrant Roses I Passes By

Wow! Another month has passed by. Again! Time flies really so fast and it is July. Happy 4th of July to my American blogging friends. Is there still another country which celebrates the 4th of July? I hope you have a great day watching the parade, fireworks and other events.

Well, here where I am is just another usual day for me. It is summer but the weather is not as warm as last year. Anyway, it is just the beginning of summer and maybe in the next few days and weeks, the sun will be bright again.

The fragrant roses I passes by every time I go to the city.

Do you love walking? Well, I do. I stroll to the city (which is only 15 minutes walk for me) when the sun is inviting. I walk as I love to stop every now and then and smell the fragrants of the roses I always passes by. They smell like the perfume I used to buy. The smell is soothing to my mind when I inhale every fragrant roses. Nobody owns these roses (except the city government) which are located nearby the train station where I live. 

Isn't it gorgeous? 

The next day this pink rose was gone. Each petals were blown away by the breeze of the strong wind that came that night before. Some of the roses were still there. Happy to have successfully survived the calamity of their lives.

Another roses blossoms.

Sometimes, life is like a piece of a rose. Bad things in life come and go just in the time we have not expected. But those bad things make us stronger than we really are.

The beauty of the roses is stunning.

Can you sometimes compare your life to a rose? Not because of its beauty but because of the changes that they endure during the change of the season. The harder they suffer the winter, the prettier they become in spring and summer. The more they are taken care of by the owner, the more they give flowers. They dance and sway when the breeze of the wind comes. That is the time the roses are happy.

See how the roses grow so wild.

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Sunday, 4 June 2017

Pfingsten In Germany

Pfingsten is what we called Pentecost, Whitsunday or White Sunday in other countries like the UK and U.S.A. It is the 50th day after Easter and is celebrated not only here in Germany but also in other Christian countries.

Pfingsten / Pentecost day is a long weekend in Germany as Monday is also a holiday called Pfingstmontag. It is a national holiday. 

The Esel  (Donkey) of Wesel
There are many activities during Pfingsten like:
  1. Pfingstbaumpflanzen / Planting Pentecost tree. Putting fresh birch tree leaves made into braided garland and put it between two birch trees.
  2. Pfingstenkranz / Pentecost wreath. People who are dancing around the Pentecost tree on Pfingstsonntag / Pentecost Sunday and Pfingstmontag (Pentecost Monday) are the so called  Pentecost wreath.
  3. Pfingstochse / Pentecost Ox. This is a celebration usually held in the south of Germany. A cattle of ox are paraded into the field for the first time, wearing a head decoration full of flowers, ribbons and straws. 
Berlinertor / Berliner Gate in Wesel

Pfingstwochenende / Pentecost weekend is one of the longest weekend in Germany. A weekend for friends and families to see each other and enjoying each others company by eating cakes and drinking coffee or tea. It is also a time for having a  grill party at home. Some family enjoy their Pfingstwochenende in having a short vacation in the nearby countryside.

Here are some holiday celebrations in Germany:

I will change the photos when I find my backup photos of some cathedrals here in Germany. Thanks for reading and enjoy your Pentecost weekend!

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Saturday, 13 May 2017

Back To Germany Again!

Hello there!

I know it has been a while since I have updated my All About Germany site. Many things happened in the last few months especially these past few weeks but I have learned a lot from being away from my 2nd home country Germany. I spent 10 months in my home country Philippines. I thought it was only 9. Lol! 

I have learned how it was to be sick there and how a parent illness and funeral brought a family closer to each other. It was a tough time but here I am, trying to move on with my life without parents to talk  to anymore. I have no regrets spending my time there because I have spent it with my late father and was in his death bed trying to comfort him and myself. 

So here I am again, writing about my expat life here in Germany and about my experiences in my home country.

Yes, Germany! What´s up with the Germans this weekend? Well, this coming Sunday, the 14th of May is Mother's Day. Hooray! Something to be happy about. Do you have Mother's Day celebration in your country this coming Sunday? Have you bought your gift yet for your mother? If you have not decided yet what to buy, please check these gifts in my Hubpages article. You will find a lot of goodies to make your mother happy. You don´t have to spend a lot of money for that. Your time with her is the best gift you can offer. Well, that is for me.

Bye for now. Enjoy your life and appreciate the blessings you got from whoever that is. Smile and the people will smile with you. 

Here is a poem I wrote last year for my late mother. I wish she is with me but she is with my father now in heaven watching over me and my siblings.

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Saturday, 7 January 2017

About Thelma


I know it is a bit late for writing About Me, but it's better to be late than never, isn't it?

I am Thelma aka thelme55. I am a Filipino Expat living in Germany most of the time. A 50+ years old me who loves to write and blogs about the things I knew, experienced and created. I am writing online since 2011 and my main writing site is Hubpages.

What things can you learn from reading my blogs? Well, I have many interests in life besides reading books.  You will know about....

  • My expat life in Germany
  • Travel places I have been to
  • My tropical garden in the Philippines 
  • Gardening tips, how to and more
  • Filipino and German cooking
  • Massages, massage treatments and how to massage
  • Paintings of my husband
  • My passion in baking cakes, cookies, popcakes and of course gingerbread houses
  • DIY of Gingerbread Houses 

These are only some of the things I have written online. You can check my blogs here and in many writing sites I am writing. I write for:

Hubpages - a content writing site where I started writing online with different various of topics from cooking to travel places.
Blogjob - where I write about my home country Philippines.
Blogspot - my cooking site.
Blogjob - everything about spa and health

Niume - the newest writing site where I joined. I have also various topics there. From recipes, lifestyle, animal, travels to photography and paintings.
PILYA- a PILYA BLOG MAGAZINE contributor. A Filipino German blog magazine originated in Bavaria, Germany.

Please feel free to comment and share my blogs to your social media sites. Thanks for having the time reading my blogs.

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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Christmas in Germany

Christmas in Germany is great! You know why? Because it is one of the solemn celebration that I  have experienced.  I usually heard that Christmas is a very stressful season of the year. Well, not for me. I think it all depends on you how you organize your Christmas shopping and celebration. Having only a few members of my family, it is okay celebrating Christmas without a hassle.


Christmas in Germany starts on the 1st Advent. This 1st Advent is the 4th Sunday before the Christmas  Eve and it usually falls on the last Sunday of November. Before the 1st Advent , most Germans have cleaned and  decorated their windows and inside their houses. They have started buying what is on their shopping lists like buying gifts  and ingredients for baking cookies and other German goodies. They make gingerbread houses too with their kids. Either they make this from a gingerbread house kit they have bought in a package from a supermarket or they will bake the gingerbread building by themselves. Of course there are ready made gingerbread houses sold in the German bakeries. The choice is ours.


Yes, Germans are fond of baking their own cookies if they have time at home. They bake with their children and have already the spirit of Christmas. Baking with their children is a good opportunity to bond with their  kids and then they would spend the time eating their vanilla cookies, Spekulatius, Lebkuchen in the living room with the 1st Advent candle of the Advent wreath lighted.

There are still  a few days before the Christmas Eve. Enjoy preparing for this fun season and enjoy your Advents first. Thanks for reading.

Here are some Christmas links for you to check:


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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Happy Mother´s Day!

These flowers are dedicated to my late mother.

Happy Mother´s day to all my online friends everywhere in this world. I don´t know if all the countries have the same date of Mother´s Day like what we have here in Germany. We have this day on every second Sunday of May every year.

We are very lucky as this day of the year, the sun is so bright and it is 26°C where I am in North Rhine Westphalia. It´s time to have this beautiful weather as winter was so long and too cold for me to enjoy.

Here´s a poem I am dedicating to my beloved late mother. I specially made this today for her. Remembering her when she was still alive.


Dear Nanay,
I wish you were here
Celebrating this day
In May.

I wish I could spend this day with you
Laughing with you 
Joking about everything
That come in our way.

I wish I could spend not only this day
But the days and months
When I am in your garden
Which is now my garden.

We could have talk a lot
About what kind of herbs are good
For constipation, diarrhea and stomachache
We could have talk a lot
About how I should do it right.

Nay, I miss you so much
I miss the days when I was with you.
You massaged my head while I laid down on your lap
Even though I was already old enough and a mother myself.

Nay, sorry that I was not in your last day on this earth
That didn´t mean that I did not care for you
But I was glad that I talked to you in the phone before you left us
I know you were there in our bedroom when I was there these last few years.

I am not afraid of your ghost
You can put on the radio when I am sleeping
You can even pinch my thigh as you have always done
I don´t mind as I love to know that you are always with me.

I know this is an emotional poem but that is what I feel now on Mother´s Day. Please appriciate the time with your mother. You´ll never know when it ends. Happy Mother´s Day to all.

Copyrights 2016 All Rights Reserved by ©Thelma Alberts

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Happy Easter!

Good morning to all of you Guys who read this blog. We have a beautiful sunny day here where I am in Germany. We still have Easter Saturday which is a working day but some shops are closed. I am free today and so I will be able to enjoy the sunny day outside. What about in your country? Do you have a good weather now? I hope so.

As it is Easter weekend, I am sure that most of you there are busy preparing your Easter family bonding with delicious food to eat. Maybe some of you are just having a vacation in another country to relax from the stressful life especially at work. Maybe some of you just started coloring eggs with your children. I know that it is fun and you will be having a great time with the kids hunting the eggs, maybe at home or in the park of your choice.

Here is a link for you to know how Easter is celebrated in Germany.

Maybe you are going to have an Easter hunting with your friends or families. Here´s a link where you can hide the Easter egg chocolates and some other goodies.

Tonight or shall I say, this  Sunday dawn, our German time will be changed to summer time. The 1 hour time that was given to us last late October will be taken from us again. When it´s 3 a.m. dawn, it will be changed to 2 a.m. Changing time is always confusing to me. I hope this winter-summer time changing will be gone in the future. It just don´t give any sense to me. I will always be waking up late anyway. LOL!

Anyway, HAPPY EASTER 2016 to all of you. Take care and be safe always.

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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Hello Spring!

Can you hear it? 
Can you smell it? 

Yes, it´s spring time again.
 I can hear the sounds of the chirping birds all around me. 
I can smell the fresh and clean air near me. 
I am living in a city but I am near to the woods than in the city itself. 

Flowers are coming out of the ground. 
Crocus, tulips,peonies are beginning to blossoms. 
Is it not great to be surrounded by nature? 
Is it not great to be healthy and alive?

Life is beautiful. 
Life is too short to be sad and to worry about everything we can´t control. 
Yes, life is what we make it. 
We have to make the best of it. 

Come, join with me. 
We will discover what beauty we have before us. 
We don´t have to go far away.
 We have it here.
In us
With us
In our hearts.

The beginning of everything.
Desire, of the life we want to have.

Come join with me!
We greet the Spring

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